About Nader

Nader has lived in the USA since 1972 and has spent many years in Florida, Utah, California and Hawaii.

Nader Parsia is a visionary inventor and businessman.

As an inventor (with over 20 inventions) one patented Hammerhead Body Board, and another patent in progress, he would like to encourage all elementary, high school, and college students to become active and involved in creative and innovative projects to promote and support our nation’s economy and progress.

Nader has a history in creative designs and ideas dating back since he was a teenager. Nader, grew up in Tehran, in the Kingdom of Iran (which was once the ancient kingdom of Persia) and in October 1972 he moved to the U.S.

From age eight to nine, he attended Italian boarding school Andisheh (Don Bosco, operated by Italian Catholics). Children of Diplomats stationed in Tehran, Iran attended this school. It was in that school where Nader fell in love with Italian language, music, history, culture, food, cars, movies and art. A year later he joined his parents in Moscow, Russia where his parents were serving their diplomatic mission at the Iranian Imperial Embassy until late 1965. While in Moscow, Nader attended Anglo-American School of Russia where he was one of the first in his class to prove that the universe is expanding.

A few years later, he joined the Navy in Lakehurst, NJ and later stationed in Pensacola, Florida.

In the early 1970’s while attending Brighton High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nader designed, built, and launched the tallest model rocket (Venus 3) that climbed nearly 10,000 feet in Utah’s salt flats.

After high school, Nader attended B.Y.U. and majored in Mechanical Engineering, in Provo, Utah.

Later he transferred to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida to bring his dream of an aviator (since age six), to a reality by majoring in Aviation Maintenance Technology. While attending E.R.A.U. he designed the safest 350 passenger plane and built a prototype scale model of it for which he collaboratively shared with Boeing. Nader was praised with honor by former E.R.A.U. president Jack R. Hunt in late 1970s, after serving the U.S. Navy as an Airman with high academic scores, left with honorable discharge in the mid 1980s. After leaving the Navy, Nader moved to Hawaii where he had been yearning to live since early childhood. Although his time there was shorter than he would’ve liked, he knew he would return there in the future, permanently.

Nader ended up in sunny California in Los Angeles, or as he calls it, “Tehrangeles” where he spent many years of his life.

Thanks to his parents’ diplomatic life, Nader has been blessed to have been able to travel and live in different nations as a son of a diplomat, and he has been immersed in and exposed to many cultures, traditions, music, languages, and food which he will share with everyone around the globe. Nader has produced over 100 cooking shows on radio and TV stations and has been an actor in a few movies and TV series. He is a self-taught chef with over 30 years experience and training. His motto is “eat healthy & live healthy”.

Nader produced his own cooking shows on five TV stations and three radio stations in Los Angeles for about five years. His main cooking show was called, “Around the World with Nader” and was a unique cooking show for its time, involving cooking great foods from various cultures. In the year 2000, Nader taught “Healthy Cuisine Cooking” at Beverly Hills High School for adult cooking classes.

Nader continued to have cooking shows on Hawaiian local TV such as “Cooking Healthy with Nanoa” on channel OC16TV Honolulu, as well as on the web and YouTube “Aloha Cooking with Nader” and “Healthy Cooking with Nanoa“.

In 2011 Nader established Lilikoi Productions and produced a few cooking shows.

Nader’s vision in producing healthy cooking shows, is to reach out to  all people around the globe, and show the benefits of a healthy, cultured, and family oriented lifestyle.

Nader profoundly believes in organic and natural local farming to reduce and eliminate the carbon foot print caused by shipping goods into territories. He strongly supports localization of agriculture for a sustainable and self reliant living. Nader also has an interest in  training and involving the younger generations, and keeping them close to ‘Mother Earth’ by planting seeds and trees. He also strives to promote great physical shape, healthy living and eating, and to strive to be great stewards of ‘Mother Earth’ for a  better and healthier future generations. This philosophy is also an integral principal in Zoroastrianism, the ancient Persian religion of which Nader is a strong believer in.

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