Why organic food is better

Why organic food is better



Benefits Of Organic Food – Top Reasons Why Organic Is Better

1. Protect For The Farm Workers

This is considered as the most directly benefits of organic food. Those farmers who are constantly exposed to harmful chemical like pesticides and fertilizer are likely to suffer from cancer and other dangerous diseases. This farm worker health problem is actually a serious problem in developing countries. The pesticides carried with the cloths enhance potential danger to the farm worker children. Though organic farming is highly beneficial, today, there is just a small group of farmers applying organic farming. Organic can bring great economic and environmental benefits, yet not many people aware of this. Boosting organic will concurrently create many jobs tomorrow.

2. Good Standards

The organic certification people often see on a product means that it has been grown, processed, and handled according to strict instructions and procedures. At the highest level, that means it includes no toxic chemical. The government will set strict standards for the production, processing and certification of organic food. When you see that a product has been certified organic by QAI (Quality Assurance International) you can feel secure that the product, ingredients, and the producer have gone through a thorough investigation.

3. More Nutrients

The European Union funded study claimed that organic fruit and vegetables have about 50% more antioxidants that scientists believe could reduce the risk of cancer or heart disease. Organic foods also have more vitamins and minerals, like zinc and iron.
According to recent research, organic foods are able to fight cancer. Those people who eat organic food have increased immune system, good sleep habits, and are not prone to be overweight than those who eat “conventional” foods.

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4. Better For Animals And Wildlife

As organic standard avoid making use of growth hormones. Animal in organic farms are raised in healthy environment to manufacture the best quality food, like milk or meat. They can access to open air, have more freedom, and forge to meet their nutritional demands. Also, they eat wide range of nutrients compared to those in conventional factory farms. In fact, in organic farms, the animals are often treated in an ethical and humanly way unlike their factory counterparts treated like goods and kept in confined pens. The wide use of antibiotics in the food for animal might create epidemic that medicine has no defense.

5. Avoid GM Food And GMO

Today, not everyone realizes the drawbacks of Genetically Modified Organism, and Genetically Modified food. These things contaminate the food supply with repercussion beyond our imagination. It is surprising to know that these cloned food, GMOs, and rBGHs entered the food market and body easily and even become a part of our diet. The reliable manner to stay away from these lab-manufactured monsters is using organic food.

6. Balance The Natural Resources 

As normal, organic farming standards demands program of soil building that protects soil against water pollution and corrosion. It supports eco-sustenance, a farming culture in harmony with nature. Moreover, the process of crop rotation can keep the plantation healthy and abstinence from chemicals and pesticides can assist in preserving the ecosystem. The use of industrial chemicals causes damage to the ecosystem which supports microorganism, insects, and wildlife. As a result, the soil will be infertile, pest development, and less pollination. This danger could be prevented if people use organically produced foods. Furthermore, this farming method also enhances birds, insects, and animals to play their important role in tapestry of ecosystem. It is noticed that nature is cleaner, more plentiful in the organic fields that prohibit the use of chemical. This method avoids water, air, and soil pollution and boosts natural food cycle.

benefits of organic food for babies

7. Great Taste

A main portion of people who consume organic food claim that they purchase it as it taste better. In fact, it is true. Organic food taste good due to the environment they are raised in. The environment is naturally fortified by natural minerals. The organic farming does not use nitrogen fertilizers; thus, it results in nutritional products with rich antioxidants than their conventional and factory farm grown counterparts. In other words, organic food often is fresher because it does not contain artificial preservatives, so it is more perishable and has a shorter shelf life. That is why many top restaurants take advantage of organic products in their own menu. Nowadays, most vegetables and fruits are manipulated to look and stay good. The strawberries purchasing from the ordinary supermarket might look great on the cake but they have virtually no taste. Another example is: if you try a taste test between non-organic and organic ketchup – the organic ketchup tastes like fresh tomatoes while the conventional tastes as if it was seasoned with fake tomato flavoring. The flavor and taste of fresh organic fruits is irresistible.

8. Avoid Diseases

When foods are grown with chemicals and pesticides, where will you think these substances end up? Pesticides could decrease fertility, boost the risk of cancer, and damage the nervous system. No one knows for sure that how much risk exists from pesticide residue on product, yet here is what we know: the younger you are, the more your cells susceptible to damage from toxins. There is no chemical in the organic foods and you can add a more wholesome option when you eat organic. The majority of the chemicals found in non-organic foods are linked to different types of cancer. By eating more organic foods, you will keep your body healthy and in turn you will have more energy and strength. Also, by lowering on the food chain and decreasing the intake of animal products, people can automatically decrease their exposure to toxic chemicals. Plants are proven that they have the least fat-soluble pollutants, animals eating plants have more, and animals eating animals have the highest levels of these toxic compounds.

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9. Save The Environment

Organic foods are especially striking if you consider the environment. Conventional farming methods make use of dangerous pesticides which might take several centuries before they are gone. Even though the substance called DDT has been prohibited for many years now, people still find it in all waters, animals and human beings in the world.

Additionally, as the time goes, artificial pest controls will turn less efficient, so that more chemicals have to be used or other methods invented. One of the huge benefits of organic food is that purchasing it has a great positive effect on the environment, the animals, and people living on it.

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10. Protect The Next Generation

We both know that children are the future. Many studies link pesticides to low birth weight, neurological and behavioral problems, birth defects, disrupted hormone function, cancer and autism. Due to the excessive use of chemicals in foods recent days, the toxic will break into the body of a child even before a mother nurses her baby. Consequently, those infants exposing frequently to harmful chemicals tend to suffer from higher death risk. On the other hand, the child does not have enough tolerance and resistance level towards these harm effects. Thus, infants are more likely to develop serious mental and physical disorders beginning from the childhood. They might lose their life even before become aware of it. So, avoiding consuming foods with chemicals also means a safe protection for the future generations.

11. Conserves Fossil Fuels

Normally, conventional agriculture production consumes more fossil fuels than the production of organic food. Actually, studies shows that sustainable farming methods might use 23-56% less fossil energy than conventional farming methods. buying organic foods will support sustainable farming, which in turn can preserve non-renewable fossil fuels, save money on the energy resources as well as decrease global warming effects.


12.Organic Food Is Becoming More Affordable

The last but not least important one in benefits of organic food is that this kind of food is becoming affordable. A lot of people complain that organic food is expensive. In reality, it costs more than ordinary foods. But, money talks.  When customers continual buying organic foods, it shows clients support for organics and then enterprises will try to meet your need with better and more competitive prices.

The single manner to show the businesses and government that people care about quality, affordable organic foods is to purchase them. Your purchase will make a different in the long run. For now, luckily, organics are more affordable. Additionally, there are many ways to save on organics, for instance, you could use organic coupons or purchase more in-season produce.

After covering all of the benefits of organic food, do you feel they are really beneficial for the human health? Will you start purchasing them for your meal plan from now?

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